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Rates & Policy

Day Rate: £140 (up to 12 Hours)

Overtime £15 (pro rata to nearest 1/4 hour)

You will take your days as dictated by your department, days off are unpaid, provisions for paid time off to fit around their schedule may be made at the discretion of our client, you will be advised of this in writing.

Do not assume that someone else’s schedule has any bearing on your own work.

Payment is made for your services immediately after we receive payment from our client. We are doing everything possible to speed up this process.

You may be required to carry out multiple roles within your shift, this is the nature of what we provide.

Food & Drink is not forced to be available during build up etc, please make your own provisions should this be the case.

File your shift records as soon as possible after your shift ends, you will receive a copy by email for your records, if you make a mistake please submit again with correct details and make reference in the expenses box at the bottom.