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Aviation Services

Aviation Ground Support

Aviation Ground Support

Aviation Ground Support

Here at The Rural Chauffeur we provide mobile ground services for the aviation industry both for Fixed Wing Aircraft and Helicopters.

We carry out (HLS) Surveys throughout the North of England and the rest of the UK, Day & Night Landings, Refueling, Chauffeurs, Taxis, Fire & Rescue (RFFS) and Medical Cover. All operatives also have the AGCS (ROCC) issued by the CAA.

Night Landings

Here at The Rural Chauffeur we provide a night time landing facility at our own Helipads or we are able to attend your HLS to facilitate your flight landing during the hours of darkness.

We can provide a HLS survey prior to the commencement of your flight if required as well as an illuminated landing area.

A ground crew member will establish and maintain communications with the aircraft pilot during the approach and landing.

Radio Operator’s Certificate
of Competence

Our operatives hold the AGCS Certificate of Competence and as such can communicate with aircraft both in relation to the local airfields when on-site and whilst providing mobile services such as the light landings and refueling of aircraft.

Certificates issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Our Radios are 8.33 kHz as per the October 2018 update.  We operate on either the frequency of our clients or Safety Com depending on the circumstances.

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